May 292014

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Picture by Eliza Dear
Artist: Eliza Dear

Shipton College: my home-from-home

Routine helps with recovery.

A quaint feature of this Art Department is there’s never any paper. Like how it must have been behind the Iron Curtain. Bread shortages, paper shortages. Thwarted artists in Eastern Bloc countries.

But this is modern-day Britain that is thwarting creativity; this regime of Kapitalismus pur, as my ex Ilka spat before she left these shores for ever.

Tristram, Mr Foundation Course Team Leader, resourcefully has them using newspaper:

‘Least the Shipton Herald is still a broadsheet, thank god. Use the fattest brush you can find and two colours of acrylic, a hot one and a cold one. No detail please. You’re looking at form, then at light and shade.’

At home I use my empty time to send out a batch of work. Then I book myself onto a poetry workshop. No-one to distract me any more from my vocation.

Who needs a relationship?

Moi, non.

Ich nicht.

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