Nov 202014

Picture by Helen Peyton
Artist: Helen Peyton

Last Foundation class before Christmas

‘Very Euan Uglow.’

When Tristram says these things I hurry home and Google the artist. I find an Adrian Searle article from The Guardian: ‘Touch is suppressed and pleasure is deferred,’ says Ade.

The student whose drawing was very Uglow has just had a ‘neck dive’ done. A diamante stud implanted into her skin at her neck’s nape. It looked sore. Not very Uglow. I cannot imagine her even for one nano-second suppressing touch or deferring pleasure.

‘Mechanical notations’ and ‘surveyor’s plot-lines’, says Ade of Uglow.

Last night a retired architect drew me with lots of little crosses and measurements all over the place. I looked like the plan of a house. Is that Uglow-esque?

Uglow would apparently insist he looked at a life model no differently from any other kind of object, but Adrian says his paintings definitely show a distinct interest in nipples, bums and pubic hair. And ‘he had a real thing for putting a naked model in an awkward pose.’ What’s wrong with that? Flipping burgers on minimum wage hurts too. We models are paid relatively well. We should suffer.

Horribly bleak… its rules, its measurements, its endless difficulty, its unsmiling pleasures.

That sounds like Conservative Jeremy.

From whom I have not heard.


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