Aug 072014

Picture by Jane Fielder
Artist: Jane Fielder

A Dom among the Brigg Mill Drawing Group (see Bel‘s movie here, or here if you’re in China)

‘Are you consciously taking up Gorean slave positions?’

This question is from a regular who in the two-hour session has produced no more than one big triangular scribble: my pubic hair in orange crayon.

The photographer who came to Petronella’s workshop turns up again, takes photos for another of her arty movies, and slopes off. Bel, she’s called. Her movie of Petronella’s group was really good.

I get home from Brigg Mill and Google Gorean slave positions. The Land of Gor is the cult s-m fantasy fiction series of one John Norman [see Baidu link]. Inadvertently I have been adopting some of his slave-girl positions. I find some animated movies of his books on You-tube. Gorean slave girls have manes of long thick hair by which they are pleasurably dragged.

Good poses. I memorise a couple.

Back home I pick up an email booking me for Pepperwharfe. With the plumber.

As always, my need for money overrides all other considerations.


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