Jun 112015

Picture by Paul Keen
Artist: Paul Keen

Bluebottles at Caulder Bottom Mill (see Bel‘s movie HERE)

They are not as bad as the greenfly at Threshington but they are pretty bad. At least the punters can see them and will sometimes come and waft them off me.

One lands in my pubic hair and potters about among the curls. I do not move a muscle.

Home again I check emails.

I am sorry for that debacle. Your reaction was most unexpected and left me ashamed.

To be honest I was projecting. I have my own issues re that subject, which you don’t want to know about. I’ve had a telling-off from the radio co-op’s committee due to listeners’ complaints. Everyone on your side. Mea culpa.

Moving on: you are self-evidently a person who does not feed herself adequately. This needs taking in hand. I will take you out to dinner on Tuesday. Email me back with your address and I’ll pick you up. Tamara


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