May 282015

Picture by Jo Thompson
Artist: Jo Thompson

Interview on Radio Pepperwharfe (1)

Loved the movie of Suki’s Life Room by your photographer friend. Maybe I’ll interview this Bel.’

‘You’ll be lucky. She barely speaks.’

When not DJ-ing, Tamara is a personal trainer and life-coach-to-the-wealthy. In her black trouser suit her body looks like whiplash. She rejects Bach’s cello solo in G major from my pre-prepared request list. I say I chose it because it’s like a female orgasm. She is keenly interested. But her listeners, she says, are elderly females who don’t have orgasms. She relaxes me with chat. Her leg shifts under the desk, touching mine. Then we go live.

‘Themes? Well, my main ones are loneliness, obviously, plus what it’s like to fail to find one’s raison d’etre. And of course the search for love, because isn’t that what all stories are about in the end?’

Tamara has okayed the Eva Cassidy. She puts on Autumn Leaves, and pulls off her earphones.

‘What I’d like to go onto after this track Suki is questions about how far ‘Melanie Alone’ is really about ‘Suki Alone’; like, the loneliness theme which comes up a lot in your famous blog, and how this relates to being a single woman in today’s world, which of course both you and Melanie are. Will that be okay?’

‘I often get asked to clarify that. I’m totally happy to talk about that. It’s inevitable that one draws on one’s own experience.’

‘Don’t tell me now! Wait for the light to come on again…’


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