Jan 292015

Picture by Ian Massey
Artist: Ian Massey

Bottom falling out of Plan B

Thanks for sharing about your pregnancy. I enjoyed Christmas Day (for once!), enjoying drawing you and making love to you with your round fecund belly, and am surprised now that it never occurred to me that there were three beings, not two, on my boat. This has been a big shock for me. Bang go all my fantasies! I have been meditating this evening, during which time your child’s spirit visited me asking me to be her father… Perhaps you were able to sense this… But I gently returned her to your care.

I would like us to go on being acquainted, although your focus in life is obviously not, after all, going to be me!! I have had my children. I can’t go there again at the age of 69!!! Enjoy your wonderful new adventure, and I promise that I will be here for you as a loving friend. Rowan x


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