Dec 112014

Picture by Janey Walklin
Artist: Janey Walklin

No period

I get the test done at the doctor’s to save money on buying the kit. I think it’s most likely the menopause but it turns out I am pregnant.

‘So how do you feel about this?’

The locum seems interested in me. I suppose because the waiting room is otherwise full of drug-users and obese females with toddlers, same old same old.

‘Well. The statistical likelihood of my carrying it to full term at the age of forty-seven – that’s if I decide to, if the amniocentesis and everything shows there’s nothing wrong with it – it’s only thirty per cent or something, isn’t it?’

‘You’re obviously quite genned up already.’

‘Internet last night. Not really. A bit.’

‘Well at five months gone you’ve missed your first scan. I’ll get you an appointment.’


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