Oct 302014

Picture by John Bolland
Artist: John Bolland

Plumber (3)

‘So what you doing for Christmas Suki?’

‘I’ll be working hard on my next poetry collection. Great opportunity to hunker down and get some work done. No disruption. Bliss.’

‘A quiet one, then.’


‘Very nice. I like a bit of a party, me. Anyway if you want some more fun you’ve got my number.’

I cold-shoulder him, obviously. Though when I was lying back to back with him, I did enjoy the warmth.

It is December 6th. Before bed I check my inbox for a St Nikolaus Tag greeting from Ilka. There is one solitary message. The subject box says Early Christmas gift. I open the email.

Just completed that other film short. Watch it here. Happy Advent! Bel x

The film is of a one-to-one booking I had with an artist called Patricia Oxley. The music – Schubert’s Voyage Magnifique – is interspersed with Pat talking about her use of projections and light. Some of Bel’s shots could be categorized as Art Nude photography.

Bel is branching out. I really like what she does. I’d like to get to know her better. A new friend!

Great movie – thank you! Wd u like meet up – pre-Xmas drink?

An out-of-office message comes back: I am working in Shanghai and unable to respond to emails. Kind regards. www.bel-photography.co.uk

I go to her website and, from there, to a new link: Shanghai blog. But it gives away nothing. Bel is a mystery.


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