Jun 042015

Picture by Sophie Pope
Artist: Sophie Pope

Interview on Radio Pepperwharfe (2)

‘So my question to you, Suki, is: have you ever been taunted yourself, as Melanie is constantly viciously taunted by her mother, for being self-obsessed, selfish and unnatural in choosing not to have children? Has this been an issue for you?’


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  2 responses to “Page 56”

  1. You might be interested to join in Suki’s discussion ‘Creative life, or kids?’ HERE.
    Yours, Admin

  2. Northern English artist The Great Tom Wood told me his kids and grandkids are more important to him than Art. Like what Harry Secombe said to Prince Charles.

    Tom is nonetheless about to celebrate his artistic life with a 60th birthday exhibition from this Saturday (6 June 2015), it will be amazing. The preview is from 1-3pm at Huddersfield Art Gallery and the exhibition runs til end of August 2015. Details here.

    HUDDERSFIELD. It’s in Yorkshire. That’s the north of England.