Jul 172014

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Picture by Colin Morgan
Artist: Colin Morgan


Cycling home from Petronella’s day-workshop on the busy A650, a sudden gust of wind flaps the front of my skirt right up round my waist. Having been naked in front of fifteen people for five hours (watch a mini-movie of the session here [or if you’re in China, here] made by a photographer acquaintance), I don’t reflexively push it back down. I don’t do it for about a minute. I am at first puzzled when a taxi-driver pulls alongside me and coasts, then suddenly –

‘O god!’

I revert to normal social behaviour.

Am I going senile?

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  10 responses to “Page 10”

  1. Just conditioning, I guess. Nowt to do with going senile.
    Rude taxi driver and a shy exhibitionist 😀

  2. Fabulous in every way. X

    • THANK YOU SUSAN. I’ll take that as a comment on the whole of my writing endeavour at sukithelifemodel.co.uk, asmalllife.co.uk and this my current serial, Two Small Lives, rather than just being about this page’s cycling anecdote coupled with the immensely flattering painting by Colin.
      Deep sigh of contentment.

      • Nooooo Suki [re: “Am I going senile?”] – we just get blasé about showing our bodies.

        I don’t cycle in a skirt, but when walking on a couple of occasions, including this year, it’s happened to me – caused by the breeze when wearing mini skater-dresses! I always wear knickers, albeit usually thongs, at this time of year, so even when it happens I am not phased by it – I even enjoy the fun of the ogles!!!

        I think it’s best to not panic – even if, as you say, you are “shy underneath” – and just casually smooth the skirt/dress down as if nothing had happened.

        Senility definitely not responsible.
        Happy cycling!

        • Thanks for the further reassurance [“definitely not senile”] Bea! I do fret about that one.

          I hate that I’m getting old.

  3. I’ve heard that people are only as old as they think and feel.

    Knowledge and experience can only come with time. Generally we become better people with age, I look forward to being old and wise.

  4. ‘Wise’ doesn’t necessary equate with ‘old’. Older age does not automatically bring maturity and/or wisdom. Personally I feel young and immature. ‘Immature’ is definitely not wise.

    I think we can’t have it all, Kim. We are either young and foolish, or mature and wise and BLOODY DECREPIT.

    • When people finally settle and are happy with what they have, they have everything.
      ‘Foolish’ may be a wise person choosing to lose so the other can win.
      Winning sometimes fails to produce happiness.
      “Bloody Decrepit”: well, in regards to ageing, we’ll all fall apart. The lucky ones maintain a sharp mind.

      There’s no sign of you losing anything, Suki.