Jul 102014

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Piggy-in-the-middle? No thanks

Ach Du Schreck! As my ex used to say: Tessie with whom I am booked to co-model is off sick; instead it’s feminine Marilyn from last year who thought I made a pass at her ( I wrote about it here) and was nearly sick.

Petronella sets us up on the mattress. I’ll focus anywhere except on Marilyn.

At break-time I see that, just like last year, they are drawing Marilyn as the girl and me as the boy. One punter has even used pink and blue pastels.

The drawings show her to be looking at me. Really intensely. Maybe she’s become bi-curious. Ha.

At the end her boyfriend who has come to pick her up comes right in to the life room, right in to the changing corner before we’ve finished dressing. It’s obviously about a threesome. Obviously his idea.

Which is kind of interesting.

But afterwards I’d be the one leaving, wouldn’t I.

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  4 responses to “Page 9”

  1. I think your feelings are correct, Suki. This is not polyamory – which can be a rich and rewarding relationship(s). You have to feel comfortable, and maybe adventurous too.

    M x

  2. Hi Marli –
    I’m definitely not into that ‘polyamory’ lark.
    I want The One.
    Doesn’t everybody, really?

  3. Then yes, ‘no’ is the answer to that invitation!

    I’m guessing that polyamory is different to a single night and a kiss goodbye. But I guess it has to start somewhere and create that spark…

    Anyway – onward and upward, Suki… And issue forth the circumstances most tricky to be navigated.

    M, x

  4. Re: ‘circumstances to be navigated’…?
    I do hope, Marli, that my manager Sue Vickerman has not been blabbing to you about my future episodes.