Oct 022014

Picture by Janey Walklin
Artist: Janey Walklin

Friends (1)

After a minute the other swimmy eye overflows too. They must be visible under this spotlight. But I wouldn’t react either, if I were the artists. It would bring about the end of the pose.

While I’m getting dressed, Helga (who as a fan is included on my list of ‘friends’) puts her arm round my shoulder.

‘You alright? Thought you were in celebratory mood?’

‘I’m fine! Jonathan’s blinking turps was right up my nose.’


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  2 responses to “Page 21”

  1. Could be that artists are somewhere on the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ spectrum –
    ‘lost in the endless fascination with myself’, says a song lyric (‘Li’l ray o’ light’ by Jon Langford and Skull Orchard)

  2. To be fair, artists are unstable and cry a lot too, like me. I don’t mind them being as utterly self-absorbed as I am. It’s part of being creative. The digging down into oneself. It’s just that it produces an unfortunate personality defect as a side-effect.