Jan 012015

Picture by Lois Brothwell
Artist: Lois Brothwell

Plan A

Go it alone. Not one small saddo life any more but two happy little lives.

Tiffany can be my birth-partner. Ha! That’ll show her what being a woman is.

I’ve decided to confide in Bel about all this, because we’re the same. I mean, about the same age. Unmarried. Alone. Childless (thus far).

Well, I think she’s all those things.

But I get no response to my text. Is she annoyed I didn’t reply to her request to make another movie? Has she buggered off back to Shanghai? I visit her UK blog and her Shanghai blog but I can’t work out where she currently is. Maybe she’s dead.

Is it more difficult to establish new friendships when one is older?

Or is it just me who is rubbish at it?

I’ve written a poem. About a pregnant model. The second stanza is something CJ once said.


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  6 responses to “Page 34”

  1. Creating life suits you – breathe well.

  2. Poem does not come up when I click link. Am I doing something wrong? H xx