Jan 152015

Picture by John Allcock
Artist: John Allcock

The old ones are the best

‘I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on.’

‘Ha ha! Could I draw out thirty pounds please.’

I get this one-liner at least once a week. The building society clerk today; a postman on his rounds tomorrow; a woman walking her dog. I never recognize any of them.

I take my little fistful of life savings back to the Oxfam shop which has got this most amazing antique lace christening gown at a rip-off price but I want it so much. I’ll probably be able to get a pram for less.

It won’t exactly be a christening, what with me not being religious. But something; some naming thing. A massive celebration, anyway.

In Franco’s I start a name list on a paper napkin.

And that’s where I pick up his text.

‘Imposs. Soz.’


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  4 responses to “Page 36”

  1. The bastard.

  2. Can anyone suggest to Suki a Plan B?

  3. To distract you from your predicament, Suki, take a look at the teaching blog on the website of Tom Wood. You will see Tom’s recently completed portrait of yourself (with two male figures) – with no bulge. If your portrait no longer comes up immediately, see archives dated Jan 6th 2015 and Jan 15th 2015. Enjoy!

  4. Thank you loizart. It’s great. I love Tom’s paintings. I’ve used one of his on page 27 and one on page 29, and I used one in A SMALL LIFE (part I of this story) on page 29. I think none of these three exists now. Tom paints over them.

    I’d forgotten about that time I posed for him in my swimming cozzie. When will I fit into that again…