Feb 192015

Sculpture by Emma Whiting
Sculptor: Emma Whiting

Sculpted in wire

Tristram is talking about artist Alec Calder who worked from a life model to create the most amazing images out of wire. He makes the students have a go. It’s a different kind of session. They’re allowed to put CDs on and chat.

I crook one leg and one arm to give their pliers some work, and place my other hand on my belly in which this morning’s medication is swilling around, preparing the body to give birth. In two days they will be able to induce labour.

For once I am in a pose where I can yawn, move my eyes. Then someone puts on that song I play when I’m drinking and wallowing. I want them to switch it off but I don’t say. A text tinkles into my mobile…

At break I see the text is from Bel: Apols, been busy, cn we meet?


Soz, just off on hol! Will let u know when am home.

At break I tell Tristram I have a funeral so can’t do this Thursday.


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