Jun 182015

Picture by Joan Dearnley
Artist: Joan Dearnley

Rainy Sunday afternoon, Chianti upstairs

‘You’re letting that bitch take you out? After that nasty interview fiasco?’

‘She’s rich. She’s gorgeous. And she’s the looking-after type; I want to be looked after. And I haven’t had sex with a woman for nearly three years.’

Tiffany’s situation is far worse than mine. Being under the roof, she gets the leaks. They are about to chuck her off Disability Living Allowance. Oedipuss has cat breast cancer. The view from her bedsit is the Asda car-park. Her new genitalia remain untested.

‘Tiff – is there anything you miss about being Timothy?’

‘My family.’


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  5 responses to “Page 58”

  1. Amazing how substantial a story you convey in so few words: great stuff.

  2. Thanks John, I’ll pass on your compliment. When she’s at her best, Suki makes me proud to be her manager.

  3. Whoops, I’m starting to lose the plot again

  4. Has anyone noticed that Admin has now put on a ‘Contents’ page (see top of post), so you can go direct to earlier pages for a recap?
    I LOVE YOU ADMIN. You help me so much. Suki xxx

  5. (-: