Jun 252015

Picture by Roger Hitchen
Artist: Roger Hitchen

48th birthday

For my birthday Bel emails me a link to her latest movie: a gallery of hands that have drawn me.

She is so strange. After the link, a one-liner:

I like your life

But Bel, I have the life of a circus clown, hopping on and off a stupid folding bicycle and taking my clothes off all over the place. I cut a ridiculous figure. A woman my age. My peers all getting excited about being grandmas.

To date, ‘Melanie Alone’ has had no reviews.

What am I doing? Why? Gimme the whisky. Gimme the pills.

Jeremy. Sometimes I wish there were a place to visit you. A grave.


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  3 responses to “Page 59”

  1. ‘I like your life’ – so what is there not to like?

  2. Oh Suki, we models have a great life. Doing what we love best. I can’t speak from direct experience, having never had any kids, but from what I hear from friends who have, it’s not all THAT rosy having grand-kids. OR being married.

    The grass isn’t greener.

    Quite a few of my friends are envious that we models have the guts to,
    and are able to, model.

  3. Thanks for the positivity, Bea and Bruce.

    I agree with you, but Suki is having one of her lows. She’s under the duvet. I’ll see she gets your messages.