Jul 232015

Picture by Russell Lumb
Artist: Russell Lumb

Option 3

A surprise text:

You about?

After everything that failed to happen, after everything that didn’t get said.

For some reason, I think Bel could advise me. I think we have things in common that we’ve never talked about. I think she could be the person I need.

I go into my emails and answer the one I found from her last night, but get back an infuriating out-of-office reply – I am working in Shanghai We are fated never to be friends.

So I formulate my answer to his text.

No, I am not about, Mister bloody bastard CJ

But I don’t send it.


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  2 responses to “Page 63”

  1. You’re teasing, surely. Aren’t emails for sending and then regretting?

  2. It was a text message that Suki formulated, not an email, but maybe that’s a mere technicality. Texts, being more instantaneous, perhaps lend themselves to even greater dangers?

    By the way Bruce, it has just been noted in the office that your poem Nightjars has won a poetry competition in the latest issue of prestigious Rialto poetry magazine (UK) – congrats!