Jul 302015

Picture by Bill Parker
Artist: Bill Parker

Victoria Herz of Brown and Herz Literary Agency

She saw the Guardian review of ‘Melanie Alone’ and I have received her email here in Berlin. Oh to be courted by an Überagent!

I must decide how to reply. Perhaps –

Surprised to hear from you again Victoria. Yes, I am well on with my next novel…

Not strictly true. I wish I were.

Anyway it is a champagne moment. Champagne is cheaper here. Ilka and I have come up with a reason for champagne most days so far.


Now watch a sixteen minute film short of Two Small Lives here.

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True Life Nude

Part III of Suki’s trilogy, a 64-week serial illustrated by eight photographers, has been serialised here.
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Part I
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Part III
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  9 responses to “Page 64”

  1. Love it.
    x Ilka

    • Thank you Ilka.
      I hope you and others would like to stay subscribed for the next 15 weeks – to read my KUNST poems – and after that, Part III ‘True Life Nude’ – but I will understand if any of ye with overflowing inboxes would rather not get the weekly reminders any more. Let me know, I will unsubscribe you. With a suppressed sob.

  2. i would like to buy the e-book but failed to see how to do it – looking forwrd to part 3

    • We will announce to subscribers as soon as the e-book is available. The print version will be launched by Naked Eye Publishing in autumn 2015. An invitation to the launch event will be sent to all Suki’s subscribers. Thanks for staying with Suki for TRUE LIFE NUDE – Part III of her trilogy, coming soon!

  3. Personally I hate champagne. But I have just purchased the print copy of ‘Kunst’ – albeit not through the link here. Sorry about that missed commission.

    • THANKYOU STEPHEN for obtaining a print copy of ‘Kunst’ from off the back of that lorry. Commission? I don’t give a monkeys. It’s not about the money. It’s Art.

    • P.S. Stephen I’m not being funny but what kind of person ‘hates champagne’? Is that a medical problem?

    • Sorry about that, Stephen. Just ignore her.

      • I’ve tried to, but she has a habit of always saying what she thinks. I am not ashamed of hating champagne; it is French, and I am English. Can there be a finer sight than a pint of freshly-drawn cask ale? (cont. p.94)