Sep 182014

Picture by Jill Moynan
Artist: Jill Moynan

Leaving Nathan and Paolo’s

Cycling to the station for the last train I do a detour round the village to pass Conservative Jeremy’s cottage. The light is on in his studio. I had wine after the champagne. I am so happy I won’t be bothered if the bastard doesn’t let me in. It’s worth at least ringing the doorbell, in case he does.

He does.

Some of my one-to-one work with artists has been entirely uncomplicated. Like with Chris. My enigmatic new photographer acquaintance Bel attended one of my one-to-one bookings with him and made this movie. She too found Chris ‘easy to be with’ (her only comment before slipping away).

It’s never been like that with CJ.


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  2 responses to “Page 19”

  1. CJ reminds me of the character Reginald Perrin played by Leonard Rossiter (not really) but that’s because I am old.